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Mission Stories

Meet Henry from Colombia

Colombia child sponsorships are impacting more than the kids!

We got in a beautiful message from a gentleman in Colombia.  He works as a translator.  He has been receiving your communications and letters to the kids you sponsor in Colombia!

From Henry:

I tell you I am feeling very excited and very blessed because I have been working on letters sent by the new sponsors from CCV to their beneficiaries here in Colombia, for the last two weeks.

By doing so, I have come to realize that your church is abundantly blessed by the Lord because you are all hearing His voice and doing things according to His will, and this is awesome.

Just to let you know that I started watching CCV live services on the Internet last Sunday, and believe me, it has really impacted me.

May God bless you.

In Christ,

Henry, Gloria, Sarah, Sebastian Amado.

Keep it up, CCV!

There is a bus in Myanmar with a CCV sticker on it

There is a van in Myanmar with a CCV sticker on it.

CCV helped a church in Myanmar purchase a van so that they can transport university students to and from church on the weekends. CCV stickers can be found all over the world!

English Class for Refugees

Encouraging refugees as they learn English, such a practical way to engage in a huge issue.

Thanks to GoTEN ministries, CCV volunteers have the opportunity to share something basic, our language, with those who are new to our country and our city.

One volunteer said, "What a wonderful and inspiring day, I feel blessed to be a part of the journey. My eyes and heart were opened to the pain and struggles refugees have to find a place of safety."

Sitting next to a refugee and patting them on the back and saying, "Great job!" when they are able to make progress in their English skills is hugely rewarding.  We have an opportunity to be a friend, a smiling face in the midst of so much transition and discomfort and disorientation. 

Come be a part of it!  You can head down for a One Day Mission trip to share time with some new international friends and learn a little bit about immigration, unreached people groups, and refugees.  

Rescued Not Arrested

These men and women have been Rescued, Not Arrested.

It is a gift to be able to accept God's grace and forgiveness after being convicted and sentenced for a crime. CCV is so proud to partner with Rescued Not Arrested prison ministry and their tireless focus on seeing men and women find Christ in their incarceration. These lives are CHANGED!

There is still great work to be done in the World. CCV is proud to have a partner that's getting it done!

CCV was honored to be able to send a small team of worship leaders to a gathering of international missionary workers. They gathered for prayer and worship and a time of refreshing.  Our worship guys said it was powerful to hear their stories. One young gentleman who serves in SE Asia said it was powerful to be free and open to worship God with other believers.  In his hometown where he does ministry, the small group that gathers in his home can't even sing out loud for fear of persecution.  What a joy and privilege public worship is. Thank you for serving, CCV!

Leaders on Motorcycles

CCV helped support 400 Blacksheep Harley Davidsons for Christ leadership members receive training and encouragement.

Last week, Mesa hosted a conference for the Blacksheep Harley-Davidsons for Christ group.  Their annual International Leadership Summit brought in 400 chapter leaders from around the world to spend three days in worship, teaching, and training.  CCV staff members helped set up the event and led Worship.  This group exists to introduce Jesus Christ to the thousands of motorcycle riders in our nation and in our city. 

Thank you, from Haiti.

New Missions is a very special, strategic partner of CCV. They build schools and plant churches in Haiti and Dominican Republic.

The air is thinner here!

CCV took a trip to Bulembu, Africa to work alongside Bulembu Ministries!


This past November CCV took a trip of 10 members to Bulembu, Swaziland, Africa to work alongside Bulembu Ministries. Swaziland is located in the southern part of Africa, landlocked within the country of South Africa. During that trip the team got to experience what Bulembu Ministries is doing in the country of Swaziland. The trip began with a lengthy flight to Johannesburg, South Africa followed by an amazing lush green drive into Swaziland. The land was nothing like any of us were expecting or imagined when we thought of Africa!

During the week we were able to participate in all of the sustainable projects that they are doing in their town; from producing honey, to bottling their own water. They truly have a sustainable mission to revitalize this once-dead town back to thriving businesses and education. The money they receive from the business enterprises goes towards the 350 children in the orphanage that are being raised by the town. The children come from Swaziland and are relocated to Bulembu because of a possibility of being vulnerable to homelessness or are already orphaned. Swaziland has an extremely high HIV rate.


We were able to see how the community works together for the good of those that call Bulembu home and for the children they are raising. The people in Bulembu are proud of what they are doing and feel a true ownership in their jobs or roles in the town. Jesus is truly the center of the town, the peace infiltrated the air. They told us there was a joke about the air being thinner between Bulembu and heaven, not only because of the peace of God but also due to the mountainous elevation!

We also had the opportunity to assist in painting a building in town that houses a Royal Ranger program, much similar to an American boy scout program. Once we finished the painting we got to celebrate the end of the year festivities with the children before they began their summer break. (They are in the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed.)


Throughout the week we were able to participate in the lives of the children from playing sports to having dinner at their homes. The trip was quick but packed full of experiences that will never be forgotten. I would urge anyone to pray about the trip to Bulembu, it is truly a life changing experience and one of the most beautiful places on earth!

For more information about Bulembu Ministries check out the website at bulembu.org. CCV will be taking another team back in November of 2017 if you're interested!!

ICOM 2016

Continual education for the CCV Missions Team

“He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Luke 10:2”
This November the CCV missions team was able to attend The International Conference on Missions in the beautiful city of Lexington, Kentucky. The conference exists to encourage, equip and enlist workers for the harvest. It is during this conference that missionaries, many who are our partners, are able to come to one place to be encouraged in their Kingdom work. The theme of conference was ‘Mobilize, Disciples making Disciples”. Throughout the convention there are multiple classes offered on many different topics including “How can I serve cross culturally? or Addressing the Human Trafficking issue”. Throughout each day there are class sessions, open exhibits where mission organizations can share what they are doing, then main sessions in which the entire conference comes together in worship and a message. This year’s worship was led by one of CCV’s worship leaders, The Jordan Howerton Band and it was amazing to hear people who would not be connected otherwise coming together to worship. The conference featured many keynote speakers in which they shared their heart for the part of the world in which they are serving. CCV Missions was able to encourage many of our own mission partners that we often do not get to spend time with. ICOM is fulfilling their mission of encouraging, equipping and enlisting workers for the Harvest.

Going on a Mission Trip this year?

Going on a trip always changes me.

Every time I go on a mission trip it changes me.  It changes my faith, my view of the world, my priorities, my view of God...sometimes it changes specific things like how I pray or how I spend my time.  This past year, I came home with a very clear direction to engage more in local refugee ministry efforts. It was a very specific message that it was a way I could engage the world, serve international people, right in my own hometown because it was a clear need.  As I look to 2017, I'm already considering what trip God might have in store for me. I'd rather go on a mission trip and have this type of experience eternally than to plan a vacation with my husband. I pray you also find a mission trip God might have planned for you - something specific he wants to show you or teach you or change for you. Trips for 2017 are ready for your registration. It's easy - just make sure you have a passport and I think all the trips require a $500 deposit. Maybe we'll be on the same trip together!