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If you have any questions, or are having trouble registering for a project, please contact us using one of the methods below.

I Love My School

We all want our schools to thrive and our children to experience the best education available. Every day, teachers and staff tirelessly invest in the lives of our children to help them become successful. By performing simple acts like cleaning, landscaping, and writing notes of encouragement, we can do our part to make our schools and neighborhoods a better place.

Make A Difference

At CCV, we believe that serving others is one of the most impactful ways to live out your faith and improve your community. By partnering our Neighborhood Groups with serving opportunities in our local schools, we can make a major impact on the education system in Arizona, and in the lives of those in our own neighborhood.

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LOVE OUR SCHOOLS DAY is a community wide initiative bringing together volunteers from the faith community to complete hundreds of service projects at local schools around the valley in one day!


On Saturday September 30th, (October 14th for the DVSD and PUSD), we are asking you to gather your family/neighborhood group/team together and join us from 8am-noon as we complete service projects at local schools around the community.

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We can’t do this without you! Click the button below and follow the prompts to find a school near you to serve.

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Love Our School Days

Love Our Schools Day
All districts
(Excludes Deer Valley Unified School District
and Peoria Unified School District)
Love Our Schools Day
Deer Valley Unified School District and Peoria Unified School District


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to participate in LOSD Day but I am not in a neighborhood group. How do I find a group?
You do not have to join a group to serve, but serving together in a group is a lot more fun and meaningful. If you are ready to join a group, you can use your CCV mobile app to find a group, or visit our website at ccv.church/connect to find a group that meets near you. Most groups are open to new members throughout the year. Once you join a group, the Leader will reach out to you and let you know what service project they are performing.
Will there be Serve projects available for those NOT in a group?
Yes, there are numerous projects listed on the projects page that have room for others to join in on. This is a good opportunity to meet other people who live in your community. Simply find a project that interests you and sign up. The project leader will contact you with the details.
What if the school I want to serve is full?
If your first choice of school is filled, please pick another school that has open projects. We want to make sure as many projects get completed as possible. Throughout the year you may find an opportunity to serve at your first school of choice as new projects are added.
What should I bring on Serve day?
Plan on bringing any personal items you may need like: sunscreen, drinking water, tennis shoes, a hat, etc., along with any items pertaining to your service project if indicated in the project description. For projects requiring physical labor, work clothes are a good idea. We recommend not wearing jewelry.
Will CCV be communicating additional details about LOSD?
Project Leaders will manage the communication regarding individual projects. General information will be communicated here on this site. More info may be presented during Sunday services prior to Love Our School Day.
What if it rains?
If you have an outside project, make plans to have an inclement weather option in mind. One suggestion would be to clean classrooms or join the encouragement team indoors.
What about kids? Can we bring them along?
Yes! Many of the project are such that your kids can work alongside you. Kids can make a great addition to the service team and we’ve chosen some great projects perfect for families. Parents will need to work alongside children under 6th grade.
Can I invite people to serve with me?
Yes, please. Love Our Schools Day is a fun way to make a difference in your local community while building memories with friends, co-workers, neighbors, or classmates. Please bring your friends.
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