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Transformation Groups

It’s time to take your faith and obedience to a deeper level.

A Transformation Group is three to four people, all the same gender, who meet weekly for personal accountability in spiritual growth and development. The goal is to become more like Christ and help others become spiritual leaders who can in turn cultivate other Christians.

The group you form will be challenged to:

  • Meet weekly for approximately one hour
  • Be gender specific
  • Use the Bible as the only curriculum
  • Confess struggles in honesty and mutual accountability
  • Pray strategically for those who don’t know Christ
  • Have a leader to give the group direction
  • Launch more groups as you grow

How do I start a T-Group?

  1. Identify one or two other people you already know and are connected with and ask if they’d be interested in starting a group with you. It’s like asking someone out on a first date, the worst they can say is no. It can be someone you know through Neighborhood Group, an area you serve on campus, from work, a neighbor, etc.
  2. Download the Group Character Questions below to see what you can hold each other accountable to.
  3. Choose where in the Bible your group wants to start reading.
  4. Have a consistent time and place you’re going to meet every week and stick with it!

FAQ regarding T-Groups at CCV

I don’t know very many people and don’t know who to ask, how can I still get into a group? If you’re new to CCV or haven’t been able to connect and meet other people yet, then we suggest holding off on a T-Group until you’ve started to build relationships with others. A great step in getting to know people will be to get connected to a neighborhood group and begin serving in a ministry on campus. Then, be bold in approaching possible people to start a group with.

Do we have to study only the Bible?

God’s Word is the best tool we have to knowing the heart and mind of Christ as he leads us in our journey with him. By reading the Bible repetitively in large chunks and in context, you are allowing God’s Word to permeate your soul and mind and transform your life.

What if the group I have now isn’t working, can you help me find another group?

If your group has been meeting for a while and isn’t meeting your spiritual growth needs, it’s best to identify others who you think would be a better match for you. Take your time and find the right people before you begin again.

Download Group Character Questions