Made For Monday

Join us for this incredible series to discover how you were made for so much more than just 'surviving' your work week. You were made to thrive in it!

Made for Monday Podcast

Tune in to our new Made for Monday podcast launching 9/16! We'll be interviewing top business leaders within our community and church to hear how they live boldly by carrying their Sunday morning faith into their Monday morning workplace.

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Special Guest Pat Gelsinger

CEO Pat Gelsinger will be joining us to share his story. Pat is the chief executive officer of VMware, and has just been ranked as the best CEO in America. Known by the majority of people for his business prowess, there is a side of Pat that only a few people are aware of. His strong Christian faith coupled with his successful career has enabled him to be an impactful leader in the workplace. Be sure to join us 9/21 - 9/22 to hear from this not so typical corporate executive and how his faith influences his work.


"As you will see, you are called to be a minister while in the workforce and living in the marketplace."


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