CCV is passionate about helping couples build and sustain a healthy relationship as they enter into marriage.

Premarital Program

CCV is passionate about helping couples build and sustain a healthy relationship. We have partnered with an incredible organization to give you a personalized roadmap to prepare you for the road ahead. Over the next few months, a married couple will walk through the Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) Program with you. The sole purpose being to prepare you as best they can for the highs and lows of what you will encounter as a married couple.

The cost of the SYMBIS Program is $100 and provides you with a personalized online assessment and two books. See contact information below for more information or to register for the SYMBIS Program.

Marriage Coaching

Marriage Coaches are a seasoned, experienced couple that comes alongside a less experienced couple to help show them the way. When a Marriage Coach comes alongside an engaged couple preparing for marriage, they have the opportunity to cultivate positive habits right from the start that will benefit this young couple for decades.

Online Informational Meeting

For more information on our premarital program, couples are encouraged to attend a monthly online informational meeting. Visit our events page to sign up for the next online meeting. The meetings are usually held at the beginning of each month.