Regathering Update

Updated: 6/30/2020

Our Updated Regathering Plan

CCV is committed to creating environments that are as safe as possible for you and your family. Our most current update is that we are going to pause any regathering plans through the month of July. We’ll look at early August as a time to regather. As that date gets closer, we will provide additional updates through email, on our social channels and on our website.

As a reminder, just because we don’t gather physically on our campuses, we have not cancelled church. Our church is not a building; WE are the church.

Stay connected with CCV ONLINE

It’s imperative we all remain connected and engaged in community, even though we need to be a little creative in how we do it. CCV will continue to meet online until we’re able to meet again at our physical locations. Be sure to join us for one of our weekend service times.

Stay connected in COMMUNITY

During this crisis, we keep hearing the term "social distancing" - but in reality, it's physical distancing that we need to keep in mind. Now, more than ever, we cannot be disconnected from people socially. We will never grow in our faith that way, and it's not how God designed us. We were designed to be in community, and there's never been an easier or more important time to connect with others. Join a group now at

Stay connected on SOCIAL

We have an incredible opportunity right now; an opportunity to share our faith like never before. People everywhere are searching for comfort, peace, and hope. While some may respond in fear, let’s continue to respond with faith. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and share the hope you have in Jesus!


We’ll continue to update you here, as well as through email and on our CCV Mobile App. Make sure to enable push notifications and keep your app up-to-date so that you receive new information as soon as it’s available.